How to Fit a Lap Pool Into Your Lifestyle

Staying active during scorching summer days can be a challenge, but a lap pool offers a fantastic solution, allowing you to work out in the open air. Dive into the details below to discover more about lap pools and how seamlessly they can become a part of your fitness routine.

What Is a Lap Pool?

A lap pool is an ideal choice for those with limited backyard space, aiming to stay fit through swimming. These rectangular, elongated pools cater to lap swimming and effortlessly fit into any space, bringing a touch of sophistication to your backyard. The term “lap” allows for customization based on your specific needs.

A standard Olympic lap pool spans 160 feet in length with six-foot lanes. However, personal lap pools offer flexibility, with some opting for an eight-meter length. When building, it’s advisable to choose a wider lane for pools with hard sides, avoiding collisions with the edges during swimming. The width should be at least eight feet, providing ample room for different strokes.

Cost Considerations

Contrary to common belief, installing a lap pool costs similar to a regular pool. The size, length, and width influence the price, along with additional features and customization options. Opting for a smaller pool can be budget-friendly, as not everyone needs an expansive 160-foot Olympic lap pool. A shorter length not only saves money but also fits perfectly into smaller backyards.

Enhancements for Your Lap Pool

You can enhance your lap pool for added comfort and utility. Consider adding a heater to extend pool use throughout the year, especially during colder months. Pool lights are another popular addition, enabling nighttime swimming with easy installation to maximize pool utilization.

Determining Pool Depth

When configuring your lap pool, you have the flexibility to choose the width, length, and depth. Typically, lap pools have a depth of five feet, providing a safe depth for jumping in and allowing users to stand comfortably. This depth is ideal for water aerobics and other aquatic exercises. However, if diving is part of your plan, consult with a pool expert to determine the appropriate length and depth.

Accessing Your Lap Pool

Given that lap pools are primarily used for fitness, they often lack traditional stairways found in family pools. If stairs are necessary, consider building them into the pool wall to preserve swimming space. Offset steps are a space-efficient alternative, accompanied by a stainless steel rail for safe entry and exit. These options are well-suited for lap pools, particularly in smaller spaces where a staircase might pose challenges during swimming.

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