8-types of professions in construction projects

Congratulations On constructing a new home! It’s an excellent way to get a property that suits your needs and preferences.

However, when planning a home renovation or building a new one, choosing the right contractors is essential. For smaller projects, a single tradesman may be enough. A reputable, experienced contractor with a good track record and references from previous clients is recommended for big projects.

To ensure a smooth construction process, consider the five types of professionals you should have on your team.


The estimator is responsible for precisely estimating the cost of a building project. After determining the client’s goals and demands, they must precisely project all necessary expenses, including labour, supplies, goods, machinery, transportation, and other related costs.

Moreover, the estimator will assist in creating work bids. They also provide precise pricing that the project managers can adhere to. Like purchasers, estimators cannot pursue a formal career path. Nonetheless, most will pursue a degree in construction-related fields like quantity surveying.


Architects are the ones who organize, create, and supervise a building’s construction. Their conceptions will act as blueprints for the construction of your house. They will design it according to your preferences and provide a blueprint.

Moreover, when planning, you can communicate your desires and the style you wish for your home to be. Architects will comply with your requests while also considering the outside layout and efficient use of available space.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are responsible for ensuring that your home has flowing electricity. On the other hand, civil engineers guarantee that your structure is sturdy and solid. They will handle the installation and inspection of the electrical equipment you will be using.

However, their function is essential. Electrical installation should never be left to amateurs. You do not want an accident or your house to burn down due to defective wiring.

Therefore, you should anticipate having electrical engineers on hand during the building of your home to oversee and ensure the appropriate operation of your electrical system.


Plumbers install drainage, sewage, and water lines throughout your house. The installation of HVAC systems might take place before, during, or after these tasks. Their Cost range is  $7,500 to $15,000.

HVAC contractor

HVAC contractors install the heating and cooling systems in your home. These systems include the ductwork that distributes air throughout the building and the equipment itself. When the home’s framing is finished, these systems are installed.

However, Their Cost range is $5,000–$10,000 on average.                 


As the name implies, a roofing contractor installs your new home’s roof. Typically, the installation of the roof is finished during the framing stage of the building project.

However, their Cost range is $5,700 to $12,000.


To make your walls sparkle, a painter prepares the interior and external surfaces before painting them with one or two coats. Painting usually comes last in the construction of a house.

Their average cost for exterior painting is $1,800–$4,000, and for interior painting, it is $4,000- $11,000.

Masonry Contractors

A project’s masonry contractors may be in charge of several distinct elements. They may be responsible for constructing walls or chimneys, bringing supplies, and pouring bricks and mortar. When a job finishes, terrazzo artisans could lay on ornamental pieces. However, tuckpointing is another crucial aspect of masonry work, including repairing weakened mortar joints in brick or stone walls. Historic building restoration is another type of masonry work.

Moreover, as a masonry contractor, you may be involved in every building project stage. If masonry plays a significant role in the project, you may have to study designs and assist in organizing the building process from beginning to end.

Hence, every job will have different difficulties and demands.